Restyle your fabric with lace trims

Uses of bridal lace trims and fabrics

One with the productive and creative mind can make use of a bridal lace trim not only to enhance the beauty of a dress, but also to make well-designed home décor pieces. Trims and laces chosen perfectly to complement the colour and fabric of your apparel will help you to transform a simple outfit or dull seat in to an elegant one. There is a great range of threads and laces trim available in the market. You can choose Wedding dressesthe one with perfect colour, shape, and design. They are also offered in varied materials like cotton, silk, wool and linen. You can put them onto different apparels such as your pillows, dance wear, tablecloths, wedding gowns, slip covers, etc. You can add on lace and trims to your older dresses to enhance their values and renew their look. All you need to use is your creativity and productivity. If you have a strict budget, you can buy a simple plain dress and transform it into a fashionable item using laces.

Various gorgeous styles of trims

Trim fabric can be enhanced using accessories like beads, rhinestones, and sequins. They are also available in various styles such as ribbons, fabric fringe cord trims and braids. These ribbon laces can be printed or embroidered. You can give individuality to your fabric by replacing closures like zips and buttons with laces. Apart from lace and trims, there are many types of textile accessories. These may be brushed fringe and bullion fringe that adds grace and design to your fabric. Fabric cording is also available in distinguished shades and colour. They may be of gold and silver colour twisted to give up a more attractive appearance.

Veils and coverings that incorporate laces are available in different styles such as lace trim veils, mantilla veils, scallop edge veils, gathered and non-gathered veils. These veils use a variety of laces that are described below:

Blonde lace

Now- a- day’s trims and lace range from the edge- to- edge to all- over lace. Handmade blonde laces are made of two types of silk threads. One of these is used to add detailing while the thicker one is used to add depth and colour. This type of lace is used in bridal wear.

Chantilly lace

This type of lace is mainly used for embroidery purposes. They are embroidered with floral designs, fruits, and vegetables. Most of these Chantilly lace are black in colour, so they are used to design veils.

Lace or Mantilla veils

Lace or mantilla veils are round layer of material. They are traditionally used to drape over the head. You can simply attach it to your hair with a comb.

Before inserting lace into your fabric, it is important to make an opening for it. Lace is most valuable fabric for bridal wear. You can make beautiful neck linings, short or long sleeves or smoothly falling skirt over the wedding gowns. Chantilly lace or mantilla lace gives elegant curves in your apparels. A classic combination of materials is bridal lace trim, from, and pearls go really well together. Tin cup necklace or pearl drop earrings or a strand of pearls go wonderfully with lace gowns. Lace wedding dresses are a large idea for vintage weddings.

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